Audryn Lovinger

UX Designer Business Analyst Product Owner Technical Writer
Designing innovative products to improve productivity, increase efficiency, and make everyday life better.

I help dynamic teams create compelling, easy-to-use software and hardware solutions.

With business goals in mind, I identify high-value user needs and translate them into crystal clear, developer-ready UX and functional requirements.

I can also conduct usability testing, deliver technical documentation and marketing materials, and write user interface messaging.

And if you just want a terrific website, I can help with that, too.

Check out my portfolio of work

Captura Test Drive

Customer preview of expense management web application.
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Captura Product Tour

Interactive Product Tour of Expense Management System
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SmartElectrical Project Pro

Web-based construction project management tool for electrical contractors.
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SmartElectrical Help & Manuals

Web-based Help system and Administrator Guides for Union Benefit Reporting tool.
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Pike and Western Wine Shop Website

Marketing site for a local wine shop featuring an open-source content management solution.
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Doe Bay Resort Website

WordPress site for local resort featuring e-commerce and booking components.
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Captura Website

Business-to-business website for Captura Software (Expense Management).
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SmartElectrical Website

Business-to-business website and application portal for electrical contractors.
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SmartElectrical Union Benefits Reporting

Rebranded web application for collecting time-card data and distributing it to multiple agencies.
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iCEBOX Interactive Demo

Interactive and self-looping demo for CES Trade Show exhibit and dealer showrooms.
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iCEBOX Website

Redesign of consumer/dealer website for iCEBOX kitchen entertainment product.
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iCEBOX Messenger

Instant Messaging application for the iCEBOX kitchen entertainment product.
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iCEBOX Help & Manuals

HTML Help System and Installation Guides for All-in-One Entertainment Center for the kitchen.
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Precor Product Family Requirements

Functional and design requirements for entire product line of fitness equipment.
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Precor Touchscreen Console

Touchscreen console for a treadmill, including entertainment features.
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Boeing Crew Rest Area

Touchscreen interface controlling media and environment for a flight crew rest area.
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The New Black

E-commerce site offering cutting edge fashion and premium denim from exclusive designer boutiques.
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